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Super Soldier King (13th Dec 22 at 1:30am UTC)
Super Soldier King
Ye Hanlin turned his head to look at Ye Qian, saw the latter nod, and took off a soft sword tied to his waist. Although this sword is not famous, it is also made of pure steel, extremely sharp, and most importantly, it can bend like a belt around its waist. Ye Hanlin untied the soft sword and handed it over. The two girls then turned their eyes to one side of Ye Qian and motioned for him to take off his weapon. Ye Qian smiled, shrugged his shoulders, opened his hands and said, "I don't have any weapons." The two young girls looked at each other doubtfully, obviously a little embarrassed. Generally, people who come to Yunyan Gate untie their weapons consciously to show their respect for Yunyan Gate, and no one has ever broken this rule. Therefore, they guard here is actually just for show. Ye Qian said that he had no weapons, and it was really not good for them to search Ye Qian's body. They looked at each other. One of the girls, who was a little thin, said, "Since there are no weapons, please go in.". But if you find out later that you deliberately hid it, you'll have to be sorry. "Look at what you said, for the sake of your beauty, I won't hurt you, will I?" Ye Qian smiled and said, "Thank you, two sisters. I'll invite you to dinner another day when I'm free." With that, Ye Qian stepped forward. Wait a minute. Just then, a young man came over and blocked Ye Qian's way. It was none other than Zong Zhengyuan, the first disciple of Yunyan Gate, who had a feud with Ye Qian. Ye Qian shook his head helplessly, it seems that this boy is deliberately looking for trouble, with this boy,gold heap leaching, Ye Qian estimates that he is not so easy to muddle through. Big Brother. The two girls saluted respectfully and shouted. Zong Zhengyuan nodded slightly, snorted coldly and said, "How can you do things so casually? Did he say he didn't bring weapons?"? What would you say if he hid the weapon and it was not good for Shifu? Even if it's not, if it gets out, won't our Jiejian Pavilion at Yunyan Gate be equivalent to a nominal one? Where did the two girls dare to speak? They hung their heads low and said nothing. In the heart is some indignant, to Zong Zhengyuan, they have never had much affection, but because he is the big brother of the cloud smoke door, they have to respect some points. Thought indignantly in the heart: "He is a man, we are a woman, how good search his body?"? You've arranged all this. Why don't you arrange for a man to stay here? However, this sentence they dare not say, in the cloud smoke door, Zong Zhengyuan's status is quite high. After all, he is a big brother, and the master dotes on him very much, coltan ore processing ,gold shaking table, and many of the big and small affairs in the door are left to him. This is mainly Zong Zhengyuan is very good at camouflage, in front of Hua Yaxin is full of a filial son appearance ah. However, this boy's talent is very good, martial arts in the cloud smoke door that is also one of the best, so Hua Yaxin will be particularly favored by him. This also fosters his insufferably arrogant posture, which is often a superior posture to others. Turning to look at Ye Qian, Zong Zhengyuan snorted coldly and said, "Mountains and rivers have met. I didn't expect us to meet so soon. It's a pity that our identities are reversed now." "How?"? You're not trying to kill me here, are you? Ye Qian curled his mouth and said disdainfully. Of course, he knew that Zong Zhengyuan didn't have the courage. After all, it was in Yunyan Gate. If something happened to Ye Qian, Yunyan Gate could not escape. At that time, it would definitely set off a struggle between the Ye family and Yunyan Gate. Zong Zhengyuan could not afford this charge. Hum Zong Zhengyuan snorted coldly and was noncommittal. Seeing the tense atmosphere between Ye Qian and Zong Zhengyuan, the two young girls beside them were stunned for a moment, apparently understanding that Ye Qian and Zong Zhengyuan knew each other, but did not know what contradictions there were between them. However, they hoped that Ye Qian could teach Zong Zhengyuan a lesson. It can be seen how annoying Zong Zhengyuan is. This is the rule of Yunyan Gate. No matter what school or person, you must take off your weapon whenever you go to the Sword Pavilion, and you are no exception.
"Zong Zhengyuan said," You don't want to break this rule, do you? If you do this, it is tantamount to challenging the majesty of our Yunyan Gate. You should know the consequences. With that, Zong Zhengyuan gave a proud smile and said to himself, "Hey, I can't even keep my own weapon. It's really sad. What kind of man is he?" Obviously, Zong Zhengyuan was deliberately stimulating and humiliating Ye Qian. If Ye Qian chooses not to hand in, it is undoubtedly tantamount to admitting that he is here to challenge the cloud smoke door, when the time comes what the consequences, Ye Qian is very clear. Although he through last night's practice, kungfu has made great progress, but in the face of the entire cloud smoke door, Ye Qian still has no chance to win. However, if Ye Qian handed it over, he would undoubtedly be laughed at by Zong Zhengyuan, and more importantly, if the blood wave fell into Zong Zhengyuan's hands, it would be very difficult to get it back. With a slight curl of his lips, Ye Qian said disdainfully, "I don't know whether you are elevating me or depreciating yourself and looking down on Yunyan Gate.". Even if I am armed, what can I do in the face of the whole Yunyan Gate? You say so, it seems a little afraid ah, if this spread out, cloud smoke door on the face can not look good ah. "Don't give me this nonsense. I know you're a hooligan. I can't beat you." Zong Zhengyuan said, "Now I only ask you, do you untie your weapon?" Che, are you scaring me? Don't understand. How are you? Bite me? It's a big deal if I don't go up. There's no treasure in it. Do I have to go? I was ordered by the old man of the Ye family to visit the head of the Yunyan Gate, but I was turned away. Jianghu will give me justice. Ye Qian simply played a hooligan and said, "Zong Zhengyuan, to tell the truth, you are really nothing in my eyes, not a man at all.". I know what you're thinking. Aren't you just jealous that Hu Ke likes me? So what? Brother,tin beneficiation plant, I am more handsome and attractive than you. Even if I have more women, my lovely little Keer still likes me, but I don't care about you. Is it sad? 。
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